New Old Shitty Music : The Found Tracks

A few years ago I had a catastrophic computer/backup hard drive malfunction. I lost the multitrack recordings for all the songs that I had written and recorded from the mid 00’s to 2017. Around the same general timeframe, I was…


About the new song "Doe Eyes"

I finally released something new! 

After some health issues and a random collection of thoroughly catastrophic technical events had me wondering if it would ever happen again, I decided to take charge and give myself permission to start over.



For all I know, I just made that word up. Too lazy to check.
Anyway... while I've been learning my new recording software (Logic Pro X) and learning how to use a Mac (like a toddler), I've liked having something…


Upcoming Artist Spotlight Interview!

I'll give an update when it's actually up, but I just did a 10 question Q&A for next weeks Artist Spotlight on professional Hollywood skinny guy Michael Shirleys lifestyle blog.
My answers are generally long-winded without being interesting or informative…

The Devil On a Tricycle EP Listening Companion

Well, it's official. The Devil On a Tricycle EP is out, and it's a weight off my chest to have overcome my plentiful personal inadequacies long enough to release something new.
Now I just have to figure out how to…

New Single

My new single "Devil on a Tricycle" (from the upcoming EP of the same name) is available for exclusive listens on TouchTunes jukeboxes.
While you're waiting for the EP release, check out the new song if you find yourself in…


The Best Laid Plans of High Cell Mike...

I’m honestly not very good at doing “typical” musician/band things...

[For those who are in a rush, or just don’t care to see me cleaning out the existential cobwebs of my cerebral cortex in the form of long-form stream-of-consciousness text,


The High Cell Shuffle

The High Cell Shuffle is me hitting shuffle on my iPod and babbling about the first four or five songs/artists I hear. I have trouble finishing any of my more well thought-out blogs on a variety of subjects, but I…

(This Used to Be an) Unreleased Demo

"My Face" is a rather moody song that didn't make the final cut for my first album Faceplant, and I never went back and finished it. I considered revisiting it and re-recording all the vocals/polishing it up a bit for…

String Theory; The Art of Analysis Paralysis

Universally, I have a tendency to make things more difficult than they need to be. Call it ADD, call it anxiety, or call it a mild form of some sort of cognitive disorder, most people who would come along for…


Fender Music Foundation

I was just thinking about my previous blog, in which I was being a bit of a poopy-pants about musical instrument and gear endorsements/sponsorships for crazy-wealthy artists. First of all, I'm not ashamed to admit that a portion of my…