Fender Music Foundation

I was just thinking about my previous blog, in which I was being a bit of a poopy-pants about musical instrument and gear endorsements/sponsorships for crazy-wealthy artists. First of all, I'm not ashamed to admit that a portion of my sour-grapes attitude about it almost certainly comes from jealousy. I'm a musical instrument fanatic, and I wish I could get my hands on more. :)    

On a more serious note, the true stuffing of my sentiment on the topic is that I think it's terribly unfortunate that there are so many musically-inclined kids out there who just aren't able to get access to instruments. One of the company names that I threw out there as a benign example of artist endorsements was Fender, simply because it's one of the most recognizable musical instrument companies to the general public.
But Fender was the last name that I should have used as an example, as they are nothing short of prolific in sharing my vision for enhanced music education programs and the availability of instruments for kids.

The Fender Music Foundation is a non-profit charity that works toward the goal of keeping music education programs alive and helping future musicians thrive. If ever there was an optimistic counterpoint to the pessimism that I felt while writing my last blog post, Fender makes it perfectly with their continued effort to allow kids to embrace the magic of making music.      

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