The Old Model

So I keep hearing it over and over.. Facebook 'Likes' don't matter. Twitter followers don't matter. ReverbNation fans don't matter, and etc.. The key to true success as any musician, band, or DIY artist is to "collect people's email addresses" like baseball cards, so I can solicit them when I have something to sell. I hear it from all the music marketing gurus. I hear it, primarily, from people who have built much more substantial careers than mine thus far in this fickle business of music.

But here's the thing; I'm looking at it from my own perspective, as opposed to copying what has worked in the past for others. I've never done anything that I was "supposed" to do before, so why would I start now that I've finally decided to do my own thing?
Me, personally? I LOVE music. A very substantial portion of my general cognitive capacity is inhabited by things having to do with it. There are several artists that I absolutely love to listen to, and I would buy their new album or buy their merchandise, or see them play live every time I have an opportunity.

But will I be extorted for my email address in order to find out about some such news from whoever writes their email releases? I think not.
Why would I? If I'm a fan, I'll find out. Likely it will be through Facebook, Twitter, the band's website, or somewhere else. 

Without trying to toot my own horn or tell tales out of school, I'll go on record here and say that I'm the biggest music fan that I know. And I don't belong to any email list of any of the artists that I like as a fan. Why? Because I already like them.

I want people to like my music. And if you do, that's great!...  I'm not going to demand that you hand over your email address to prove it.   


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