The Four Endorsemen

Just a quick blog to address something that has always bothered me as a musician, and as a music fan; Endorsements and sponsorships for wildly successful and ridiculously wealthy artists.

I generally find these types of musical sponsorships and endorsements to be sort of a sickening, self-indulgent circle-jerk participated in by companies who already have all the exposure they need, and musicians who don't need any help.
I get it. The cream of the crop wants to advertise with the cream of the crop. It's just sound business practice, and I completely understand that. I mean, why wouldn't companies like Fender and Gibson want the impressionable beginners to see their favorite artists playing their brand of instruments? It makes sense.
But at the end of the day, who really needs free instruments... Metallica? Or kids who can't afford instruments to play? 


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