About the new song "Doe Eyes"

I finally released something new! 

After some health issues and a random collection of thoroughly catastrophic technical events had me wondering if it would ever happen again, I decided to take charge and give myself permission to start over.

After losing a lot of the music I had been working on over the last several years, I've considered that perhaps my strategy of hoarding songs and never finishing anything... well, it just isn't working for me. What good is all that work, what does all that creativity and expression mean if I'm the only one who hears it? I've always been somewhat shy about my singer-songwriter/acoustic side, but it's been great therapy lately to just get back to my trusty Breedlove acoustic and I. Over the last few weeks this song has gone from a simple guitar noodle, to having a melody, to having lyrics, to having meaning. I recorded each part with minimal over-analysis and minimal perfection, with the sparse parts being recorded in various rooms around the house. I wanted to approach things as a singer/songwriter first for a change. 

As far as releasing the song goes, it was just as spontaneous as the writing and recording process. I was feeling particularly inadequate about my habit of harboring feelings of timidity and self-doubt when it came to releasing music in the past, and I decided that it's a habit I no longer want to feed. I felt like the best way not to overthink it would be to just let it go. That was yesterday. And you can hear it now wherever you listen to music! (We live in truly amazing times, don't we?)    


PS - The cover art for the song is a picture that I took from the top of Machu Picchu in Peru a few months back.    

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